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West Papua Info In Detail

If you are really like to see many beautiful places in the world, you can start your dream by looking all beautiful places in this country first because you have to take a look at West Papua, as it is known as one of tourist’s destination for most foreigners who come to Indonesia. it is because, in this Western part of Irian Jaya island, the nature is still being kept by Papuan and only a few people which are lived in this remote place at first, but know in this West Irian Jaya is developed to be better and in this place, you can find many beautiful places that you will never found like in the other island in Indonesia.

West Papua Info Is Interesting Places

To get to know about West Papua, of course, you can search the information about it online by using the internet. at there, you can see the detail about this part of Irian Jaya island include the tradition, tourist spot destination, and much more that make you are interested to come to this province. You also can ask your friend who ever come to this place that will make you feel jealous because you want to be here. If you think so, just come to this place because this place will not make you feel disappointed because of this land is not yet to be discovered by many people, so you can take part as one of the adventurers.

Papua also known as a home of many species of unique and rare animals and plants that will make you get surprised if the way of your tour, you can see some of them. Native Papuan also is humble, very kind and can help you if you get difficulty during in your trip. Do not forget to make a list of destination to come to West Papua because you will regret if you do not come here.