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Trusted Canned Tuna Supplier

Finding the trusted canned tuna supplier is quite hard. Especially if you live in an area where you are far away from the beach. If you live near the beach, there will be seafood product supplier. We are that there is one for tuna product. However, since you live far away from the beach, there is a chance for you to get canned tuna with low quality. That’s why you need to find trusted and good supplier if you want to buy canned tuna. One of the ways to know if the supplier is a good one or not is by asking for the sample. Once the sample arrived, you can judge their product. The sample will determine the quality of the product.

Best Canned Tuna Suppliers

You need to know the criteria to of good canned tuna. Actually, most canned tuna suppliers produce two type of canned tuna products. The products are very similar but they still have differences here and there. The first product is light canned tuna and the second one is white canned tuna. The suppliers use yellowfin fish or skipjack tuna as the ingredient for light canned tuna. As for white canned tuna, the supplier uses albacore fish as the ingredient. Each fish has its own characteristics. This is why you should know the characteristic too.

If the supplier really uses skipjack tuna or yellowfin tuna, the meat for light canned tuna will be dark and red in color. As for the white canned tuna product, the fish color will be white and pinkish. This is why the second product is called as white canned tuna. You can check on the substance too. The light one will use water as the substance. Meanwhile, the white one will use oil as the ingredient. We recommend you to buy from this canned tuna supplier, go check to their website