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The Place Where We Clean Ourself Also Need To Be Cleaned

Cleanliness of the bathroom is one thing that must be maintained if you want to avoid germs and bacteria that cause diseases. Keeping yourself clean in the bathroom is also important to note, do not only just use the bathroom. If you do not keep the bathroom clean, then you can be exposed to germs and bacteria that exist there.

Keep The Bathroom Clean Is Important

Here are some tips for maintaining cleanliness in the bathroom in your home.

  1. Use a separate towel and towel

If the bathroom is used by many people, prepare a different towel and rag for each person. It would be better if the towel or rags are given different colors to easily distinguish them. This will prevent bacteria from moving from one person to another.

  1. Close the toilet when watering

Closing the toilet seat is very important when pressing the flush button. If it is not closed, the water inside can spread the germs and even a small amount of fecal matter.

  1. Clean all surfaces

Clean and wipe all bathroom surfaces, including a toilet seat, floor, wall, sink, sink wall, and others. Especially the part that is often touched, because this section is usually a place to gather a lot of germs.

  1. Separate the toothbrush

Make sure that you keep your own toothbrush and do not mix with someone else’s toothbrush. This can help if your toothbrush has a cover on the brush part, this can prevent the spread of viruses or germs from one person to another.

  1. Wash hands

Every time you use the bathroom or out of the bathroom, wash your hands with soap for at least 20 minutes. This is to maintain your personal hygiene and prevent exposure to germs and bacteria.

That’s how to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom while keeping your personal hygiene when in the bathroom. Start doing now to keep you healthy.