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Specifications And Price From 2018 Ford

2018 Ford

One of the cars coming from abroad that still survive and able to compete with various other types of cars that is 2018 Ford cars. Where ford is that including foreign car vendors are still new in Indonesia is able to compete with various car vendors that have been long enough in Indonesia. How to survive by ford is to create and launch a new car in the modification with a very sophisticated machine. One of them is ford car ranger.

The Specifications Of The 2018 Ford Ranger And Its Amazing Price

There is a new generation of ford ranger, where this car has presented seven options for we can choose the cheapest price ranging from 314 million in 2018 ford ranger single cab car, while for the car that has the complete series as well as having a spacious cabin on ford ranger double cabin wild track with price tag of 488 million where this price is very high. However, a very high price will not be a problem because the price offered is very comparable to the performance and appearance of ford ranger especially for people who are in need of this type of truck car.

The specification that we need to know from 2018 ford car is to use the type of engine that is Duratorq TDCi Mid-Power diesel, supercharging system used is already using turbocharger, cylinder capacity has reached 2198 cc, with the step diameter of 86.0X 94.60 maximum power provided by this car for 125/3700 ​​rpm with maximum torque of 320/1700 rpm and fuel injection system that it uses is electrically full of injection and has a capacity of fuel oil levers of 80 Liter. This car has a length and height respectively of 5.274 mm, 1850 mm, and 1800 mm with a rotation radius of 6.35 mm. While the distance of the wheel axis of 3220 mm the highest distance with the land of 632 mm with a weight reached 1866 kilograms.