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Several Protein for Vegan

Are you vegan or are you trying to be vegan soon? Well, this information about the protein plant-based for vegan here will really help you to eat the right foods. You know that protein is very important for your body nutrition and your health; especially if you need to gain more muscle and get rid all the bad fat. So, let us see the whole protein sources for vegan here.

Tips of Several Protein Sources Based on Plants for Vegan

There are several proteins you can consume every day for your own needs and health. If you are a vegan; you should take your note and write the list down:

  1. Do you hate broccoli? I think you should learn how to love these veggies because it is very good in giving you the best nutrition and the great amount of protein.
  2. These foods also will give you much amount of protein you need. You will get 8.14 g of protein for one cup of quinoa.
  3. If you love to eat this edamame, you will get 9 g of protein for a half cup of edamame.
  4. Ok, this one is the favorite of many people not only for the vegans. You will get 6 g of protein for every 30 g of cashews.
  5. Brussel Sprouts. Well, you will get enough amount of protein from this green. In every 100 g of Brussel sprouts, you will get 3.4 g of protein.
  6. Hemp Seeds. This seed also will give you a great amount of protein. It is about 11 g of protein in each 3 tablespoons of it.

Yeah, it is true the protein not only can be got from the meats and eggs. You can get the protein enough from plants as well. So, do not worry if you are going to be vegan soon. Good luck.