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Nutrients Shrimp For Healthy

The body needs food to survive. Foods that enter the body contain so many nutrients that can provide health to the body. There are many sources of nutrients that you can get, one of which is the source of nutrients derived from animals such as shrimp. Shrimp become one of the favorite ingredients processed by many people because it has a tasty meat. Delicious shrimp meat can make many people want to consume again. You can find a lot of shrimp in Indonesia because shrimp can grow well in areas that have a tropical climate. Shrimp produced can also be used as shrimp products from Indonesia shrimp exporters.

Get Nutrients Shrimp From Indonesia Shrimp Exporters

Products from Indonesia shrimp exporters are able to provide many nutrients for the body. Some of the nutrients you can get from the shrimp are:

  1. Omega 3

There are some aquatic animals that can serve as a provider of omega 3, one of which is shrimp, shrimp have omega 3 content is high enough so it is good for brain and heart health. Omega 3 will help in improving brain intelligence. In addition, omega 3 will also help your body in maintaining heart health.

  1. Mineral

Shrimp contains some minerals that are very important for the body. One that you can find is selenium. One mineral in will be useful to prevent the occurrence of cancer. By consuming shrimp, then your body can fight cancer cells that begin to grow. In addition to selenium, shrimp also contain iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, and several other minerals.

  1. Vitamin

In addition to containing omega 3 and minerals, shrimp also contains many vitamins. Each vitamin has its own role in maintaining a healthy body. Some vitamins contained in shrimp are vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and some other vitamins.

That is some information you can get about shrimp as a source of nutrition. To get more information about shrimp and shrimp exporters Indonesia, then you can visit