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Latest And Most Favorite Diesel Car

diesel car newsVehicles that use diesel engines despite having many shortcomings with other drivers such as the sound and vibration of machines that are not hard and can make emissions of carbon that can pollute the environment, it has several advantages that are not owned by other car engines, including the efficiency of fuel so that more fuel efficient with others, but it also has a cheaper price and affordable with others, although the level of specifications of the machine is not much different, even now with the development of the era has brought a competitive diesel car news when compared with other diesel.

Toyota Fortuner As Diesel Car News Best And Elegant

Toyota is a leading car wonder now more popularizing diesel car news with advanced technology and competitive with other car engines. In addition to Innova that uses diesel engines, the most significant automotive company in Japan has also added diesel engine variants on the Toyota Fortuner. The car with this sophisticated engine is also equipped with the elegant and charming design with the floating roof, and bi-bean LED headlamp which illustrates that Toyota Fortuner is a modern and latest SUV.

Toyota Fortuner which is not one of them from diesel car news was using 2.4L VNT diesel engine which has 2,393 cc capacity which can generate power of 149.6 PS at 3,400 rpm, with maximum torque can reach 40.8 kg-mat 1,600 – 2,000 rpm. Also, this fortune has been designed as a car that has a high fuel efficient, so it will not be wasteful of fuel, where fuel intake is made by using a standard rail model. Wheels used as a propulsion also have two options, namely 4×2 and 4×4. With the transmission, an opportunity is 6-speed automatic, and some are still manual 6-speed. About the price, Toyota Fortuner has a price range of 500 million rupiahs, while for the new can reach 300 million up to 400 million rupiahs. That is the model of the car that uses the best diesel engine is very tempting for consumers.