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Ladies, Look Out Your Menstruation

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For a mature woman, menstruation becomes such a common condition that comes at least once in a month. Since it becomes a common thing that occurs every month, you may never think about any further about what actually happens within your period. Sometimes we just let the symptoms go without learning any difference which may come when we have our period. To make you learn more about your menstruation and be more alarmed, here are some menstruation conditions which have something to do with your overall wellbeing.

Relationship Between Your Menstruation And Your Health

In the first place, you must be alarmed when your menstruation bleeding is too much. When the circulation of your menstruation blood is too much and you are actually using that kind of product to avoid this condition, there is a risk of fibroid tumor that may happen to you. If you feel like your bleeding becomes heavy for two or more cycle, you may need to meet your doctor soon to check your condition. It is always better to check any strange thing about your menstruation condition to make sure that you will be able to prevent future health problem while maintaining your health today.

Next, you must be alarmed when your menstruation bleeding is too little as well. Too much and too little is both not a good sign for your health when it comes to menstruation. When it is too little, there is a possibility that you may get thyroid disorders. Then, irregular menstruation cycle is another bad sign for a woman. When you find that your menstruation cycle is getting up and down, you may need to check your condition soon or later. Afterwards, suffering from cramp is also a bad sign that you must check as well. It is because the possibility of fibroid that occurs on you.