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Knowing Bed Bugs Bite

When you wake up suddenly you find a lot of red bumps in the area of your skin and you have no idea why. If so, one of a reason is bed bugs bite. The problem of bed bugs is often difficult to tackle. Because they rapidly breed and we have no idea where they came from. Suddenly, they have been in the furniture and lived there for long. Usually, they settle and breed in the pores and slits around the bed. They appear at night to suck the blood of their prey. Body heat and carbon dioxide that blow attracts them making the bed bugs perch on the human body.

How Do We Identify Bed Bugs Bite?

Bed bugs bite is very difficult to identify. The bites look the same as other insects’ like mosquitoes. The bite causes a swollen reddish lump but blisters. However, they have a unique pattern which appears in the form of a line consisting of 3-5 bites in red bumps. Then, the bite often appears in a straight line if the ticks bite in the morning. The bites also tend to appear on open body parts, such as the neck, face, legs, and arms. Unlike mosquito bites, bed bug rarely appears on the back of the knee or skin folds. Lumps or rashes will usually break within a week or two.

Then, you have to pay attention also that the symptoms that come from the bite can be seen from several hours to over a week after the bite appears. However, even if a single bite or lots of bites can be cured, if the problem has not been solved by extermination, you can continue to be bitten. As long as there are bed bugs, then these insects will try to attack and disturb you. So that, besides you prevent by identifying how bed bugs bite is, you must also think to eradicate the insects from your house.