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Indonesian Business From Freshwater Prawn

Indonesian freshwater prawns such as giant prawns have considerable potential to generate multiple profits with high selling value for Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers. Giant prawn is a freshwater fishery commodity that becomes one of the natural wealth of Indonesia. In addition to its larger size than the other types, freshwater prawn or giant prawn also has important economic value because it has a lot of consumers both from domestic and abroad consumers such as Japan and some countries in Europe. Therefore, this type of prawns become one of the mainstays of export commodities.

The Potential Business But Less Of Suppliers

Most giant prawns are usually ordered by various restaurants that provide processed fish. Some cities in Indonesia that have demand for large quantities of giant prawns are Jakarta, Medan, Semarang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Bali. In Bali for example, that there are a lot of restaurants on the Island is one of the biggest tourist attraction in Indonesia. Giant prawns have been shown to have good prospects with the high demand but there are still not a lot of Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers to make a small business of prawn cultivation from the society. For some people in Indonesia, prawn cultivation seems still not too familiar compared with the cultivation of catfish or carp. This may be related to the low level of prawn consumption in the society.

However, to start in this business field, you can use tarpaulins as a medium of enlargement and ground pool with management that tends to be easier due to the suitability of water pH in Indonesian waters with the physical condition of giant prawns. In addition, giant prawns do not require deep water so it is suitable also for areas where the water is not too abundant. For additional information to support the start of this business, you can visit to add some knowledge of freshwater prawns.