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Indonesia Milkfish Frozen Best And Quality

Milkfish is one type of fish that can easily experience decay because fish have a fishy smell and easily invite microbial decay to grow. Therefore, milkfish need to be preserved to be able to prolong the shelf life of the milkfish. One of the most effective preservation processes for this type of food is by frozen because when it is frozen it is difficult for various bacteria to live and thrive there. So the fish is not easy to rot and become to have a long-lasting save time. To be able to do Indonesian milkfish frozen manufacturers that there are various ways, here are the reviews.

The Process Of Manufacture Of Indonesian Milkfish Frozen Manufacturers

How to be able to do Indonesian milkfish frozen manufacturers fairly easy, we just need some equipment that supports the freezing process, as for how to be able to freeze the milkfish, the first is all the supply of milkfish that will be frozen is sent to cold storage, where here first the fish will be washing process and also sizing by using mold placemats or commonly we are familiar with the title pan. At a later date to be able to ensure that sorting is taken into consideration, the scales are performed to show that the size and body of the fish are suitably not exaggerated and also not reduced.

The next step that we can do to be able to do Indonesian milkfish frozen manufacturers is to freeze until all the fish become frozen, which first done the process of quality control. After all is finished all the fish in the packing and input into cardboard carton, after which the fish is ready to be distributed to various blood and the State. For the process of distributing usually of milkfish into the reefer container with cooling below minus 20 degrees Celsius to be able to maintain freshness of the fish. That’s some info on the way and the process of making a frozen and fresh milkfish. Maybe useful!