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How To Join The Taco Bell Event?

Do you like tacos? Well, who don’t like tacos? Everybody likes taco and of course, tacos from taco bell is one of the best tacos that you can ever taste in this whole universe. One of the best places that serve you with great taco with delicious and tasty taste, this restaurant became one of the most known tacos restaurants in the world. To make their customers are happy, there is an event that you can participate with, especially if you lived in the United States and also if you are also the customer of the taco bell restaurant. The event is the survey event, and of course you already familiar with this kind of event right?

Rules And How To Join The Taco Bell Event

The event itself called the tell the bell, which is a brand new event from the taco bell. The event comes with a very nice and good prize. Cash and Gadget both are the prizes that this taco bell event offers you. You can win the $500 cash and also you can get the IPad for free. But, of course, before you join this event, you need to know about how you can join and participate in it, right? Well, we will give you information about how you can join the tell the bell event in this article. Read very carefully to get the right information.

To join the event, you need to have a Smartphone or laptop, internet access and also you need to have a very stable connection. After that you need to know about the rules, first you need to be an American citizen, 18 years old or older than 18 and above, you are not working on the taco bell, you can’t win twice, and also you need to have the latest receipt from your last transaction with the taco bell restaurant. Those are the rules that you need to know. If you looking for the complete information, you might be like to visit the to get any information about this taco bell event.