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How Can We Use Carrageenan?

So you found carrageenan in a recipe or cooking tips. At this point, you may start to wonder what is it and how to use it. To find this item is easy because we can seek for carrageenan manufacturers in the market. However, you may still wonder how you can make use of this item once you have bought the item. That’s why we offer this following information for you.

Carrageenan Applications

You must have known that carrageenan is one kind of ingredient that functions as a food additive. It is able to stabilize and thicken food. There are three kinds of carrageen that we can find in the market including lota, kappa, and lambda. Now, let’s learn further about these three carrageenan types and its application.

  • Lota Carrageenan: This carrageenan is usually used to make frozen desserts since it is excellent to make ice cream and also hot dairy foam to stable. You can buy it in carrageenan manufactures and then use it to make mouthfeel custard and more.
  • Kappa Carrageenan: Since this one is more likely to make a gel, it can be applied for sorbet for dessert. In this case, you can use licorice gel made of kappa then coat it into a sorbet for a delicious dessert.
  • Lota and kappa combination: You can also combine this two carrageenan’s. For instance, you can make constructed cheese for your dessert.

How To Use Carrageenan

Then, how can we use carrageenan for our food product? When it comes to the way to use this ingredient, there is actually concentration range that you need to understand before you apply it to your food. For example, to make brittle jelly, you need to combine 0.2% kappa with locust bean gum with 0.4% concentration. Lastly, if you need a recommended manufacturer to get carrageenan, you can visit