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Guideline To Stop Your Pitbull Biting

What do you think about pitbull puppies? Are they aggressive and like to bite? Actually, they are not aggressive. There are also so many pitbulls that will not bite because they got proper training.

Ways To Train Pitbull To Stop Biting

As long as your pitbull puppies still at young age, it will be easier to train them. That is why it is better to adopt pitbull baby. Here are some ways to teach your pitbulls to stop biting others:

  • Train Your Pitbulls that You Are Dominant

It is very important to show your pitbulls that you are dominant over them. Since pitbull has a natural feeling as a dominant, you have to teach them that you lead them. You can pick them up then hold them tightly. It shows them that you are in the charge as their dominant. Moreover, you have walk first rather than let your dog lead your walk.


  • Stop Playing when Your Pitbull Start to Bite

Playing with your pitbulls is a must. However, you have to stop when they start to bite. For the first, you can play with them as usual. If they try to bite you, so you can stop to play with them. Then, give a break for them to show that biting is wrong. After that, you can play again with them like before. If they try to bite again, so you can stop to play. Just do it on repeat until they know that biting is a big no.


  • Give Your Pitbull with More Toys

Chewing and biting is normal, but you cannot let your pitbulls to bite other. In that situation, you can give your pitbull puppies toys. Let them chew it well. However, if they start to bite aggressively so you have to take it. Show them again that biting is not good.