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First Diabetes Symptoms

Ok, it is a little scary to imagine how diabetes can destroy your body little by little like a little monster inside your body. You know to know the first symptoms of this disease is also difficult. However, you should not worry about it because I will share it with you here. If you love to eat foods contains too much sugar and afraid of diabetes now; check the symptoms here.

How to Know if You Got Diabetes in You

Diabetes will always be scary and deadly if you do not know how to take care of it. So, here are the several symptoms of diabetes at first:

  1. Too much weight loss and weak feeling. If you feel like your body lost too much weight and you feel so weak. You can check your health to doctor now.
  2. Too much urinate. If you pee too much in a day and always want to do it. You should be aware of diabetes and see your doctor.
  3. Too fast feeling hungry.
  4. Too fast feeling thirty.

Those are the first symptoms of diabetes. However, you cannot judge yourself getting diabetes before asking the doctor. Here are more symptoms:

  1. Become numb because of nerve trouble.
  2. Sights problem.
  3. Itchy or ulcer near your genitals or armpit.
  4. Erection problem.
  5. Too much liquid from your genital (for women)

Well, you can discuss the several things above with your doctor and find the way out and make sure it is not the first symptoms of diabetes. If you think you have diabetes or tend to have this disease; you should try to fix your lifestyle and your habit of eating and drinking. It can be the first move to get the better condition of symptoms above. You can find many healthy menus for diabetes sufferers. Thus, that is all.