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Effective Ways to Prevent Cervical Cancer

The cervical cancer is caused by human human papilloma-viruses (HPVs) which is develop in the uterine cervix that contacts with the vagina. Knowing the signs, symptoms, as well as the factors are the best way to earlier identify the disease. And, the best way to get rid of the cancer is by preventing the cause.


How to Prevent the Cervical Cancer

Wise men says that the prevention is much better that the cure. As women, we should keep our body clean and health especially our genital organs. Here, there several effective ways to prevent the cervical cancer. If you are a sexual active, you should make an appointments with your doctor to conduct the Pap and HPV test. The Pap Test is a test that will take a sample of the cervical cels in order to find ones that could be a cancer. The Pap Test is recommended to take at age 21, and the women should take the text every 3 years until ages 29, then every 3-5 years at age 65. Meanwhile, the HPV text is an optional test if you are over 30. This test is taken if your Pap test is not normal.


In addition, there is also HPV vaccine for targeting the riskiest HPVs. The HPV vaccine targets the two most dangerous of 100 kings of HPVs. The ideal time to get the vaccine before you are sexually active. The vaccine is also available for children starting at age 11 to 12. The cutoff time to get vaccine is 26 years old for women, and 21 years old for men. Additionally,  if you are too old to get the test and vaccine or a sexually active. Living healthly lifestyle also prevents you from the cancer by eating lots of vegetables and fruits, do lots of exercise, not smoke, and not use contraceptive for long term.