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Downloading Images With Nikon Camera Software

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Nikon software which comes with every Nikon camera contains useful tools to use. If you willing to explore the software. You will get some benefits from them, unlike third-party software. The software is fully compatible with all Nikon cameras. In this post, we will review how the software can be used to download photos and videos from your own Nikon camera. Even you can control various camera settings with this software. You should connect the camera to your computer first by either using USB cable or through the camera’s Wi-Fi.

How To Download Images From Camera?

Nikon software is very useful when you want to download images from your camera. If you download images manually from your memory card, the process can be slow and it will bother you a lot. Why? Because you need to select a location, then create a folder, name the folders, and the list still goes on and on. The camera software will speed up the process. Now storing and importing images can be more efficient. How to download the images by using this software? You can click the “Control Camera” into EOS Utility’s and the software provides two alternatives for downloading images of the camera. You can download it by selecting certain images to import or you can download everything being a batch.

Then, click the “Starts to download images” button to download the images on your camera’s memory card to your PC. Those images will be saved in PC’s Pictures folder by default. They will be also sorted by date into subfolders. All of the JPEG images will be opened with Digital Photo Professional after the download process finished. If you download them by batch, the images will be displayed in the main window. You can download the Nikon software only on