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Download And Install HP Printer Driver

When you want to use the printer, you have to install its driver so your computer can be connected well to the printer. If you already have a printer, so you can try to find its driver. HP as one of the most popular brands for the printer has been known for its quality. If you have HP printer, so you need to find the HP printer driver. To make your printer compatible with your computer, you have to download the right printer driver. So, what are steps to do to get HP printer driver? Just check this out!

Steps To Download And Install HP Printer Driver

There are some steps that can be followed to make your computer compatible with HP printer. Here are steps to download HP printer driver:

  1. You can go to the official site of HP driver,
  2. Click on search box, then find “Printer Driver”,
  3. There will be a lot of printer drivers and choose the one for your printer types,
  4. Click “Download” on the below of page that you chose, make sure that you download
  5. compatible one. Typically, there are some choices for windows and Os.

If the printer driver has been downloaded, so you can start to install it on your computer. Here are some steps to install the printer driver:

  1. Click the file or printer driver that has been downloaded,
  2. After the setup screen appeared, you can choose “Agree”,
  3. Read the Agreement of End-User License well, then choose “Next”,
  4. Just click “Install” and follow the rest instruction,
  5. If the driver has been installed, so you have to restart your computer
  6. Connect to your computer with the HP printer, then it’s ready to print.

Make sure that you download the driver to get guaranteed driver.