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Beware Of Dust Mites In Beds And Sofa

A study says, about 30% of adult humans and children suffering from dust allergies, one of which is dust mites. In fact, one-third of human life is spent sleeping. Sometimes a bed or mattress that is often considered the cleanest it turns out to be a source of allergies. Mites themselves are an invisible animal. This means new mites are visible when using a microscope. This is different from the visible mattress lice. Allergy mites that cause itching on the skin are not caused by dust mite bites, but dust from the dirt.

Dust Mite Bites For Survive

To survive, dust mite bites and eat the human dead skin. The research facts say humans produce about 0.5 to 1 liter of fluids during sleep in the form of sweat and dead skin cells. This liquid is the food of mites. When removing the dirt, dust is formed which can cause allergies, causing itching, and if sucked will disturb your breathing. That is why mattresses, sofas, rugs, and more have to be cleaned often. Ideally two weeks, and at least once a month. Especially if it proves family members have a history of allergies. Clean upholstery on sofas, mattresses, and carpets with a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will remove mites or eggs that may have been nested in stitches and tears at various corners of home furnishings. Mite eggs can be nested for two weeks so it is very important to be removed or cleaned before hatching and mites can move to other areas.

Traditionally, mites can be killed because the mites will die when exposed to sunlight, is by drying your mattress, sofa or carpet. When drying it, you also have to bang on the mattress, sofa or whatever it is for mites can rise to the top and exposed to the sun. Thus, you can avoid the