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Best Big Truck Games

If you are a fan of big trucks pictures, make sure you download these games! Most of these games are the perfect match for someone who loves truck and have a big fantasy to drive this big vehicle. The games are simulators which require you to hauling the things and you will drive to deliver the things. Other games also include the simulator of driving truck. Here are the best two big truck games that can be played for all ages.

Best 2 Pig Trucks Pictures Games

The first game that has big trucks pictures is 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul. You can guess it from the name that the storyline will be around America. The plot goes like this; you are the owner of your haul company. What you will do in this game is to make your company the king of the hauling company. You have to dominate the roadways to win the game. On this game, you will learn some considerations for your company to make it become the winner of this competition. You have to consider the job, the haulage, and the time. Your task is to deliver over 45 types of cargo and it can vary from livestock, food, and chemicals to earn your money. As your haul things, you need to be aware of the fuel, the loading docks, and the trucks’ performance.

The nest game is Spintires. Pavel Zagrebelnyj is the man behind this game. The off-roading simulation game is published since last year by the UK Publisher Love. You will play a truck driver character who drives it through the off-road terrain. Not to mention that the road is the muddy one. You should complete the task in each level. Your journey will start from the muddy road of Soviet. The big trucks pictures from this game will make you want to have your own truck.