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The Best Album In 2017


If you ask “what is the best album in 2017?” many people will answer Damn by Kendrick Lamar. Many music websites claimed this album as the best album in 2017. One of that website is Tubidy which is a free website to download music. No need to mention the singles from this album such as Humble, Loyalty, or Love. Many people know that all of them topped various charts around the world. Kendrick’s fourth studio album put him on the music map. Many critics praise his growth in music through this album. Check out the review below.

The Best Album In 2017 According To Tubidy

Damn by Kendrick Lamar included in top 50 alba until we reach the end of the year. Indeed, this album is not only given good content but also shows the maturity that an artist can give to their loyal fans. In his previous album, Untitled Unmastered, Kendrick already proves his music and his skill as a rapper. In this album, he perfected both music and skill on Damn. Tubidy also praised his music in this album since many people download Damn on this website. The album is still in a comfortable position on top 50 album chart.

Kendrick serves this album with purpose. The titled of this album itself says everything. The album represents the act that people do is still bothering to some people, even a kind act. He said “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” when he asked about this album. His fans also throw theories here and there since the songs contain much explicit content. Damn is nominated as ‘Album of The Year’ on the upcoming Grammy Award. Indeed, this album deserves the award. You can download all of fourteen songs in this album for free only on Tubidy. In conclusion, Damn is Kendrick’s perfect and mature album.