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Author: Terry Brown

Indonesian Business From Freshwater Prawn

Indonesian freshwater prawns such as giant prawns have considerable potential to generate multiple profits with high selling value for Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers. Giant prawn is a freshwater fishery commodity that becomes one of the natural wealth of Indonesia. In addition to its larger size than the other types, freshwater prawn or giant prawn also has important economic value because it has a lot of consumers both from domestic and abroad consumers such as Japan and some countries in Europe. Therefore, this type of prawns become one of the mainstays of export commodities.

The Potential Business But Less Of Suppliers

Most giant prawns are usually ordered by various restaurants that provide processed fish. Some cities in Indonesia that have demand for large quantities of giant prawns are Jakarta, Medan, Semarang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Bali. In Bali for example, that there are a lot of restaurants on the Island is one of the biggest tourist attraction in Indonesia. Giant prawns have been shown to have good prospects with the high demand but there are still not a lot of Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers to make a small business of prawn cultivation from the society. For some people in Indonesia, prawn cultivation seems still not too familiar compared with the cultivation of catfish or carp. This may be related to the low level of prawn consumption in the society.

However, to start in this business field, you can use tarpaulins as a medium of enlargement and ground pool with management that tends to be easier due to the suitability of water pH in Indonesian waters with the physical condition of giant prawns. In addition, giant prawns do not require deep water so it is suitable also for areas where the water is not too abundant. For additional information to support the start of this business, you can visit to add some knowledge of freshwater prawns.

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How Can We Use Carrageenan?

So you found carrageenan in a recipe or cooking tips. At this point, you may start to wonder what is it and how to use it. To find this item is easy because we can seek for carrageenan manufacturers in the market. However, you may still wonder how you can make use of this item once you have bought the item. That’s why we offer this following information for you.

Carrageenan Applications

You must have known that carrageenan is one kind of ingredient that functions as a food additive. It is able to stabilize and thicken food. There are three kinds of carrageen that we can find in the market including lota, kappa, and lambda. Now, let’s learn further about these three carrageenan types and its application.

  • Lota Carrageenan: This carrageenan is usually used to make frozen desserts since it is excellent to make ice cream and also hot dairy foam to stable. You can buy it in carrageenan manufactures and then use it to make mouthfeel custard and more.
  • Kappa Carrageenan: Since this one is more likely to make a gel, it can be applied for sorbet for dessert. In this case, you can use licorice gel made of kappa then coat it into a sorbet for a delicious dessert.
  • Lota and kappa combination: You can also combine this two carrageenan’s. For instance, you can make constructed cheese for your dessert.

How To Use Carrageenan

Then, how can we use carrageenan for our food product? When it comes to the way to use this ingredient, there is actually concentration range that you need to understand before you apply it to your food. For example, to make brittle jelly, you need to combine 0.2% kappa with locust bean gum with 0.4% concentration. Lastly, if you need a recommended manufacturer to get carrageenan, you can visit

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Get the Best and Healthy Diet Pill

There are so many people who are getting their work done in hurry. Indeed, when it comes to their busy lifestyle, many people will forget their priority. Some people might forget on how they keep in being healthy and fit. Especially when combined with the modern lifestyle with the fast foods and also the habit of sleeping late, the modern people are getting their lives in the danger. In this case, you can consider some products like the ones in IziBlog for your body. So, what is this product and how do you use them for your body?

Understanding How Diet Pill Works

When you are looking for the best diet pill, you might want to consider some things that are related to the diet process. In this case, actually how the diet pill work on your body? Here are some explanations about how products of IziBlog works on your body:

  1. The product will burn fat. In this case, the product contains an ingredient that will help your body in cleansing the fat and burn them to be energy. This will be great especially when you are a routine or a gym enthusiast.
  2. The product will prevent the new fat layer to be formed in the body. The way is by getting the metabolism to be faster and thus will process the foods faster, avoiding any fat to form in your body.
  3. The product will also be great in getting your appetite suppressed. The suppressed appetite will help you to be ready for reducing your meal portion, thus you will be full in longer time. This will prevent you from getting more foods.

The diet pills are usually used by the ones who cannot do routine exercise. Thus, you will find the best experience in getting your body to be sculpted and you can be beautiful. For finding the best product, you can visit them in IziBlog.

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Get An Ideal Vannamei Shrimp Price

The business of vanamei shrimp is increasing rapidly which is also proportional to the price. Getting the proper price for something we want is very considerable because it can decrease our budget, just like what you do when you look at vannamei shrimp price. Well, the lower price will be certainly more preferred. However, if you do not think about that it would not be a big problem. Some people want to efficiently spend their money as less as they can. Actually, the price of the shrimp selling now is still quite stable for the production does not have really obstacle. This is because of the endurance of the vannamei shrimps that they can endure the disease and weather.

How To Get The Efficient Price Of Vannamei Shrimp?

Vannamei shrimp price may be cheap or expensive depends on the quality, quantity, condition, and where you get the shrimp. To know how we lower the budget for buying the shrimp, here are the tips for that.

  1. Consider whether you will buy the local shrimp or the imported shrimp. If you want to buy the shrimp from the local production, it is better for you to come to the nearest cultivation where you can get the product of shrimp from the first hand, so that you can get the lower price instead of buying from distributors as second hand or from the store. Unless you will get the expensive one from the supermarket that mostly is imported ones.
  2. The other decision to the price is whether you buy the fresh shrimp or the frozen shrimp. Here, if your preference of price is to get the cheaper, you can buy frozen vannamei instead of the fresh vannamei.
  3. Consider buying a larger amount of the product because the larger you buy it the cheaper the price you will get.

So, that is all the thing you should know about getting proper vannamei shrimp price. And to remember that the price probably will not the same each place.

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High Quality Of Smoked Catfish

Catfish becomes one of popular fish because of its taste. It is very delicious and rich in nutrition. If you are a fish lover, you need to consider this fish as your food in every day. Before you look for catfish to process it as a food, you need to know first the place that sells variously processed catfishes that are recommended for you. You have some options for processed catfish. Those are fillet catfish, frozen catfish, fresh catfish and smoked dried catfish. To get high quality of this kind of fish in the condition of smoked dried fish, you need to consider some aspects. There are some things that you have to do to go shopping the smoked catfish.

Decide The Quality Of Smoked Catfish

The first thing that you need to do is looking for the color of smoked dried catfish. The color of it can determine whether it has been smoked in the right way or not. You have to choose this kind of fish in the condition of smoked dried fish that has a brownish color and not too dark or too pale. It also determines the cooked stage of this kind of fish in the condition of smoked dried fish.

The second thing that you can do is trying the texture of smoked dried catfish. It should have hard and dry texture since it has through the processes of smoked and drying under the sunlight. If the texture is still a little bit juicy, it means that it does not through the right way of drying. It can influence the taste and also the durable of this food. It will be better if this kind of fish that in the condition of smoked dried fish is getting drier because this smoked and dried catfish will stay longer.

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Channel Catfish And Its Habits

The same with catfish manufacturers internationally, you also can get many types of catfish from any catfish Indonesia manufacturers. Yes, for your basic knowledge, catfish is divided into three basic types that can be found around the world. Those three types of catfish are the blue catfish, channel catfish, and also the flathead catfish species. Rather than explaining each type or each species of catfish, here we will have some explanation about one of them. Here is the brief information about channel catfish species for you.

Channel Catfish And Its Description

Channel catfish is one of the catfish species that you might also find it in the catfish Indonesia manufacturers. When you want to hunt catfish by your own hands, this species of catfish will be the easiest species for you. This species of catfish will easily eat all of the feed that you give to them. You even can use the cheese that you bring along you or anything as the baits, as long as they can eat the baits. Of course, it makes the fisher love to hunt this species of fish. Besides that, the channel catfish sizes are also very various. You can get from the small one into the biggest one. The biggest catfish that exist is usually about 12-15 lbs. in common. You might also have a chance to find the bigger one.

When you talk about fishing the catfish, you might also look for an easier way to get the catfish. You might prefer to buy it from the market. In the market or the supplier, you can find more products of catfish that you can buy. You can buy the fresh one, the frozen one, or perhaps the dry one. There is also the smoked catfish product. You can buy the product that you need to try. For more explanation about the product of catfish, you can get it here in

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Tips To Process Frozen Shrimp Indonesia

There is no doubt that shrimp is one of the most popular seafood when compared to lobster, the shrimp is much cheaper even though it tastes the same if processed in the right way, especially if it is processed using the right recipe. Shrimp is a type of shell that is easily frozen in freezer room or can we call it with frozen shrimp Indonesia. still, have skin shrimp then we do not have to worry to be able to process it a few days as long as the shrimp is still in the frozen condition in the freezer. Where for the shrimp that had previously been peeled then it should not be cooked at a later date, we must cook it at that moment because the shrimp quickly damaged as well as the original aroma of the shrimp will be reduced. Here is how to process for frozen shrimp easily.

Some Ways Of Processing For Frozen Shrimp Indonesia

Things that need to be done to be able to process frozen shrimp Indonesia is to give time lag to the frozen shrimp before being processed. The first need to do is to remove already from the freezer first, then enter the bowl, then soak into the water. Where most people use a filter for frozen shrimp which is then soaked using a container that has full water. Another more effective way is to remove the shrimp from the freezer and then insert it into the container and leave for some time in the cooling room for natural liquefaction.

From several ways of processing that we have learned together, the core of the processing of frozen shrimp Indonesia before being processed is removed from the freezer and allowed for some time to be able to melt the ice on the shrimp. There are some additional notes to those of us who love shrimp, buying shrimp in a still-skinned state is the main step, where shrimp is stored and wrapped in an airtight container before it is stored in the freezer. Where fresh shrimp will have a longer shelf life when compared with shrimp that is not fresh anymore. That is some things related to the way of processing shrimp that have been frozen.

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Frozen Catfish Supplier Online

Nowadays the fact that information technology becomes borderless is undeniable. It means, with one easy touch, people can look for the things they need. Besides getting relevant information, once they want to have a super supplier of catfish as their main raw material in culinary business, they can rely on the needs of certain sites. Lots of frozen catfish supplier can be found easily so that they can ask them to prepare the demand based on orders easier than before. Somehow, they do not require to meet each other to start running this business no matter would that means.

Getting Frozen Catfish Supplier Online

Basically, it becomes interesting to state why should be frozen catfish supplier? People should realize as it is sent with carbon dioxide after harvest, it only can stay for a week. Within this fact, it is not essential to have export activity due to short shelf life. Therefore, people develop a new method by sending catfish in the frozen package to make this perishable food has a longer shelf life. After setting in frozen fillet, it will not lose its freshness until years. Of course, a critical point for this frozen food should be right temperature used. This will be managed well during production, transportation, and distribution process.

On the other hand, it becomes interesting to keep the quality starts from the early stage. By setting their owned farm to control current criteria, it will help them get the best quality of fillet catfish. Thus, usually, they create a pond where they can set appropriate feeds to let them grow healthy. Besides that, setting right method for cutting and freezing fillet is also essential. As it shows at the current site,, people can have a clear vision about the information they want to know once they want to make partners with catfish supplier in very soon.

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Use The Blackout Shades On Bedroom

Do you want to darken your bedroom? Well, there is a simple way for you to darken your room by using the blackout shades on your windows. By using the shades on your windows, it will reduce the light enter your room in the best way.

4 Types For The Blackout Shades Idea For Bedroom

If you would like to use the blackout shades, it will be better if you know first about what kind of types of shades which you can use in your bedroom. There are 4 types of shades you can use. They are:

  1. Roller Shades. It is a kind of shades which wrap around the rolling rod. Usually, it is used the tension mechanism that can allow you to roll them up or even pull them down easily.
  2. Blackout or Room-Darkening Shades. These shades are the window coverings which made from the heavy lined or materials to reduce more light enter your room. You can see these shades in many types from the roller one, balloon until tie-up types one.
  3. Balloon Shades. In this shade, you can see the ribbons or strings on the back of shades. This shade will beautify your room because it looks more feminism.
  4. Tie-up Shades. This is a panel of fabric the tie-backs or ribbons to tie them up vertically. You are free to tie the shades at any height you want it.

Those are 4 types of shades you can use one in your bedroom. You just have to consider whether what kind of shades’ types you want to use in your bedroom. You need to make sure that you choose the right shades on your room because it can add your room’s style in the best way. You can find them more on this

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Choose Bed Bug Control Well

If you know how to choose the product to kill the bed bugs that infected in your area, it makes you can clean the bugs in your bed faster. Moreover, you can easily to buy bed bug control because it is available if you go to the market or if you buy online. From many variants of bed bug to control the bug to infected to your bed if course you can identify the kind of bed bugs that suit with your bed bugs problem. Such as before you choose to bed bugs you should know many kinds of the bugs or kind of insects that are in your bed, or in the other room in your home.

Feel The Function Of Bed Bug Control

It is a must for you for not to buy bed bugs only, but it is better I you choose bugs control that can wash away any kind of insects in your home. However, if you choose bed bug control well, you do not need to buy more than one bugs control because, by your choices bug control, you can use it to the other insects or bad bacteria or microorganism that you may find in your home.

You can learn first about the insects that are in your home such as if you find there are ants to your home, you should care to look where the ants come from the hole in your home, so you need an ant control product which also works if you choose to use bugs control. The bugs control also is suitable for any bugs that come to your home. The product such as you can see in will make your bed is cleaned well so you see no bugs in your bed. It will also make your sleeping time in your bed is better rather than you cannot get help from the bug controller.

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How To Increase Breast Milk Production?

Breast milk is the only food that baby can eat at the first few months of his/her life. Therefore, a mother has to have decent breast milk. What happened if they can’t increase breast milk production? The baby needs breast milk, so there is no choice other than increasing the milk production. Actually, baby can eat formula milk but breast milk still the best. This is how you increase your breast milk production for your little baby.

Tips To Increase Breast Milk Production

There are many ways to increase breast milk production, you can choose the way that is the most suitable for you. Here we go.

  1. Herbal supplements can help to increase milk production but you need to consult with the doctor when you want to use this or prescription. Herbal supplements which can work well are red raspberry, fenugreek, and blessed thistle. If you want to take a prescription drug, you can take metoclopramide. Sometimes this medicine is used as a last resort by doctors.
  2. You can increase your milk production by pumping. Pumping has two main benefits. The first is pumping will allow you to store breast milk whenever your baby doesn’t need them. This will lead to store more breast milk. The second benefit is that pumping can stimulate the production of breast milk much more.
  3. You can also invest in a high-quality pump. Since you just use the pump for a while, we think it’s better to invest for the best one, especially since it is for your baby. If you can’t afford a high-quality pump, you can rent a hospital-grade pump.
  4. When you choose to pump to increase breast milk production, you need to pump every couple of hours. You can also pump 10 minutes after nursing. We recommend you to pump 8 times a day. Find more tips on
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Avoiding Insomnia

In general, insomnia is an unwanted condition but somehow might happen for everyone during certain condition. Stress and tight schedule are the common factors leading to this condition. In fact, by lacking sleeping time, people might feel weak and sleepy on the next day. Therefore, if this condition is not maintained well, people might trap in some problems no matter would that means. There are some basic solutions related to this need that people can apply once they have this syndrome as well. Good sleep time is the most important thing that people can 3ave quality day next day.

How to Avoid Insomnia Simply

Some experts state that insomnia might occur after midnight. Uncomforted feeling that might them hard to sleep regularly starts attacking. Thus, people do not need to panic when they feel this. Let them lay on the bed with the lamp turn off is effective to reduce the stiffness in the bodies. Go have hot milk and do not caffeine in two hours before bedtime is strongly suggested. Basically, people need to be relaxed when they are trapped in this situation.

On the other hand, listening to lullaby or relaxing melodies is also an effective way to make them comfortable. In this modern era, people can download and listen to this music through their smartphones. However, soothing this step can be done to lead them in a better situation, take a deep breath and do not overthinking is also needed to get sleep. Considering that problem might always come for us will lead them to think that he or she is not the only one having it. When insomnia comes because too much nap times, people need to evaluate it. Increasing activities during the day and less take nap are important to maintain their sleep times at night.

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Health Tips to Cut Down Stress

If you are stress, one of the effect if you are stress is that you cannot think clearly when stress. If you do something that needs your concentration, you cannot do it well, because, with the stress, you think to get rid the stress. You think if you do not get rid the stress; your life will be chaotic. It can be true because many people know stress also will make their condition will be worse. For example, because of the stress, it makes them are lazy to eat the meal. They do not think to eat a healthy diet and they forget to do the exercise. The other effect because of the stress is that some people will eat much rather than the usual because they are tired of stress. But because of the amount of food that they consume, it will make them easy to get more weight.

How to Get Rid of Stress?

These are the health tips that will help you to get rid of stress because by that you can think clearly to solve your problem.

  • To get rid of stress, it is a must for you to think that the stress is not important. You have the other thing to do rather than the stress. You must calm your mind if you get trouble in your work or in your life.
  • To calm your mind, you can make yourself is fresh, because, by that, it makes you do not think about the stress. To make it happen, you can do the yoga that helps to calm your mind, or if you cannot do that, you can simple to take a rest. If you get enough sleep, of course, it will make you become fresh when you wake up, so you will be ready to do your activity.
  • Then, if you want to get rid of your stress, you can solve the problem that makes you are stressed carefully. You can solve the little problem first and after that, you must think deep to solve the problem but do not let them will make you get stress.
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Indonesia Milkfish Frozen Best And Quality

Milkfish is one type of fish that can easily experience decay because fish have a fishy smell and easily invite microbial decay to grow. Therefore, milkfish need to be preserved to be able to prolong the shelf life of the milkfish. One of the most effective preservation processes for this type of food is by frozen because when it is frozen it is difficult for various bacteria to live and thrive there. So the fish is not easy to rot and become to have a long-lasting save time. To be able to do Indonesian milkfish frozen manufacturers that there are various ways, here are the reviews.

The Process Of Manufacture Of Indonesian Milkfish Frozen Manufacturers

How to be able to do Indonesian milkfish frozen manufacturers fairly easy, we just need some equipment that supports the freezing process, as for how to be able to freeze the milkfish, the first is all the supply of milkfish that will be frozen is sent to cold storage, where here first the fish will be washing process and also sizing by using mold placemats or commonly we are familiar with the title pan. At a later date to be able to ensure that sorting is taken into consideration, the scales are performed to show that the size and body of the fish are suitably not exaggerated and also not reduced.

The next step that we can do to be able to do Indonesian milkfish frozen manufacturers is to freeze until all the fish become frozen, which first done the process of quality control. After all is finished all the fish in the packing and input into cardboard carton, after which the fish is ready to be distributed to various blood and the State. For the process of distributing usually of milkfish into the reefer container with cooling below minus 20 degrees Celsius to be able to maintain freshness of the fish. That’s some info on the way and the process of making a frozen and fresh milkfish. Maybe useful!

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Recommended Frozen Fish

Frozen fish is the best choice for the people who live in the city and do not have much time to look for the fresh fish. Southeast Asia is the place that is rich in milkfish so there are a lot of milkfish sellers in some countries in Southeast Asia. The sellers are usually selling the milkfish both in the condition of fresh milkfish and frozen milkfish. Frozen fish also can be the option for a restaurant that serves fish as their menu. For a fish lover, you need to try both fresh and frozen fish. Even the taste is better for fresh fish; frozen fish can also be delicious as fresh fish.

The Way To Get Recommended Milkfish

If you have a restaurant, you need to get a recommended supplier that can offer you both fresh milkfish and frozen milkfish so it can provide your need for your restaurant. For a restaurant, you need to buy fresh or frozen fish, fillet or whole fish. It also depends on the ingredients needed for a menu that your restaurant serves. For all type of milkfish, you need to make sure to the seller that the quality of the fish is good and it also can stay longer by keeping them in the refrigerator.

To make sure the quality of this kind of frozen fish, you need to directly touch and smell the fish. You can also ask another people for their recommendation of the frozen fish seller. You may take a look at some websites since there a lot of frozen milkfish suppliers that promote their product on the internet. This is to make the consumer easy to find them and order their product. Besides ordering the milkfish on the website, you also can obtain some related information about milkfish. It is easier rather than going out and looking for milkfish around your city.

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