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4 Futuristic Car In 2019

There is no limit on the car. There will be some changes and additional technology along the year. For you who have a plan to purchase a new car, you can check for 2019 car release. Not only 2018 that will be the tremendous market for auto, but 2019 also be the year for superb cars. Some auto companies already announce their product for 2019. Moreover, it is predicted that there will be the more all-electric car for 2019 car. Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mercedes will contribute to 2019 market.

Best Recommendation Of 2019 Car Release

There will be so many brands that will join in 2019. They will release some futuristic car for the futuristic era. For the first recommendation, Audio will release Audi Q4 as 2019 car release. It has a similar style with TT coupe which is a coupe-crossover. Performance of Q4 will be similar to Audi Q3 with hybrid technology as an additional feature.  Secondly, BMW will release BMW M8 in 2019 which has an interesting exterior design. Some rumors stated that the M8 will be built in 4.4 liters with V8 or twin turbo. This performance is similar to M5 series. The new BMW M8 will become one of 6 Series Coupe with the price of £100,000.

Third, you can also choose Hyundai Santa Fe as the choice in 2019. Before it has been released in 2013 than it will come again with some upgrading. Its predecessor is built in 2.2 liters of diesel while the new Hyundai Santa Fe will have cleaner technology and hybrid drive option. It is estimated to be offered from £33,000. Fourth, Mercedes EQA will be the best recommendation for an electric car in 2019. Actually, the EQA is the electric version of A-Class hatch. Then, you can also check for more recommendation of best 2019 car